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Hello Beloved,

Welcome to DamaSoul Sacred. My name is Dama Diosa and I have been guiding my community through sexual inquiry and intimacy practices for over 15 years. I have opened up my private energy healing practice to include hands on healing touch. I focus my work on helping folx create joy and space around the embodiment of elemental, sensorial, spiritual and sexual liberation. Every space I inhabit, every body I touch, becomes a temple of the sacred. We work together to create and weave joy and ease around mind, body and soul connection. 


I screen for clients who are on the path of healing and are invested and willing to do the work to discover the elegance of an embodied sensual practice by delving deeper into their own erotic energetics. We pursue this endeavor whether one 90min session or across multiple sessions.

The questions I ask you to consider as you browse my offerings are: 

1. What brought you here now?

2.What are you hoping to unlock or release, embrace or heal?

3. Is there a feeling, a vibration a thought or an inquiry into the sensual that is alive for you?

4. How and when do you relate to and express your desires?

You might be here simply because you are at a time in your life where you aren't sure of the answer to these questions but are ready to explore and find out.  

Together we can explore your Eros, joy, confidence, control, surrender and mastery, all via the art of touch and somatics.  I invite you into the temple to uncover new realms of fun, pleasure and self-expression. Allow me to help you unblock, unlock, rediscover and enhance your sacred intimate self.  I offer a welcoming and inclusive space for all bodies, omnigendered, singles, couples, and all other relationship constructs. All are welcome here. 

With care,



How I Show Up For You

In a DamaSoul Sacred Session, you'll experience the fusion of sacred sexuality and somatic embodiment. As an energy healer and bodywork practitioner, I lead you into a transformative journey that nourishes and revitalizes you deeply. Through playful exploration and inquiry, we connect with the heart of your being and guide you to discover your most genuine desires.


My approach integrates Mindfulness practices, Thai massage, Reiki, Elemental acupressure, and advanced Dakini tantric training to establish a fluid balance where touch becomes a sacred art. My hands, voice, body, and or sensory tools unlock and nurture your deepest desires while aiding you in creating your personalized pleasure map. In these sessions, you are embraced  and celebrated in your truest form as I guide you thru uncovering and expressing your authentic self.

How You Show Up For Yourself

I ask that you show up for each session with an open mind, heart and curiosity. Here you are not just getting a "massage", you are tapping into spaces of longing and shadow, showing up for your own healing, asking for what you want, while being an active participant in receiving intentionally healing touch.

These sessions immerse you in a transformative experience that encourages you to express your desires and allows room for personal growth. I hold space for all facets of your being, from your divine masculine or feminine, shadow and light, passions, kinks, all via clear honest communication.


As this journey honors every aspect of you, from the lessons you learn to the moments of joy and breakthroughs you experience, I ask that you show up, drop in and allow space to be surprised and delighted by all that these sessions have to offer.

Through gentle touch, energy work, sacred and clear practices, you'll gain empowerment and support in crafting your own unique erotic expression. The deeper intention is for you to be seen and celebrated in your truest most authentic form.


How We Show Up Together

A DamaSoul Sacred Session is an invitation to expand and learn in a safe environment. Together, we craft a session that respects your boundaries and explores your true essence. We begin with a conversation to establish mutual consent and understanding, ensuring a safe and supportive environment.


We breath, ground down and navigate your sacred session together as you are encouraged and guided toward a higher understanding of your body and a more profound connection with your Eros.

"Ecstasy’s path is through touch...There is a lot that we can do for ourselves. But there is a whole lot more that becomes possible only when we hand ourselves over."     - Excerpt from Prerequisites to Ecstasy, by Om Rupani 

Sea Shore_edited_edited_edited.jpg

These sessions are for you if...

  • You are  ready to embark on a journey to elevate and expand your healing by embracing the transformative power of your own sensual experiences.

  • You are tired of feeling invisible or at the margins of receiving sacred wellness practices in our society.

  • You desire a deeper connection within yourself.

  • You are yearning for more ease and joy in your expressions of affection, touch, and intimacy.

  • You are seeking support on your journey of sexual healing.

  • You are looking to revive the spark in your relationships with others and self.

  • You need guidance and encouragement as you explore your desires.

  • You are prepared to embrace trust and consent and are looking for a practitioner who honors your voice and needs with compassion and respect as you journey towards deeper connection.

  • You are ready to delve into the depths of your desires and pleasures in a welcoming and nurturing environment that fosters safety, trust and celebration.

  • You are prepared to embrace more supported playful and fulfilling expressions of affection, touch, and intimacy.


"Dama Diosa, Thank you for the session. It was a beautiful experience that I recognize as one of growth, expansion and compassion, which are some of my goals in the personal and sexual exploration I am undertaking.

k, NYc

You helped clarify how leaning into my weirdness helps animate not only my submissive but also my life"

J, Co.

Wow! You brought me from a sad 15y/o girl, to the powerful 49 y/o woman I am today. Transmuting the shame to pleasure. Your skill and handling of me and my physical and emotional body was top notch."

ARE YOU READY To explore your desires?


request more information

Private Sessions

But first, a note on the reciprocity of care.


There are several characteristics I value in myself as well as in my clients. They are: Integrity. Discernment. Discretion and Privacy. 

For first time clients I require a light screening. This is a non-negotiable step to ensure our mutual safety, trust, respect, consent and boundaries.

I've reserved booking & vetting details, session descriptions and additional photos, in a passcode protected page.

When you're ready, filling out this form will get you that code — Please do take a moment to tell me a little about yourself as well.  I'd love to hear about what brought you here and how I might support you.

Finally, please plan ahead, my schedule is often fully booked two weeks out as I do travel and work frequently between NYC, Philadelphia and Denver.

Depending on the time zone I am in, I do my best to respond promptly to my messages (within 24hrs). However, I do not accommodate same day/next day appointments. If you are seeking immediacy, I am more than happy to recommend a fellow practitioner who might have immediate availability.

With care,


Thank you. I will be in touch soon.

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